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Need help with
NJ FamilyCare?
We're here for you and your family.
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Need to renew?

We'll walk you through the steps.
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  • Are you a current Horizon NJ Health member who received a renewal letter from NJ FamilyCare?

  • Do you want to enroll or re-enroll in NJ FamilyCare with Horizon NJ Health?

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From answering your enrollment or renewal questions to using your benefits, we're here to help support and guide you
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Get your FREE Benefit Guide
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Know the benefits and programs available.
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You must renew to keep your benefits
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If you received a renewal letter or haven't renewed this year, we can help answer your questions.
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NJ FamilyCare is New Jersey's publicly funded health coverage.
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We're here to help.
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We have one of the largest networks of doctors and a long list of covered prescriptions
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We have long relationships with New Jersey health care professionals who want to care for your family
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We offer specialized programs and community outreach efforts to help members get the care they need
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We’ve been helping New Jersey families for more than 85 years
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