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The Repeaters have a new home just south of Seymour, in Jackson County.  I will be updating the pages as info comes in.

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Repeater Status 145.430: On Air!  Repeater Status 224.860: ON AIR! Repeater Status 441.550: ON AIR!  Echolink Status: Testing

(*2 Meter Repeater Tone 103.5 ) (*220 Repeater Tone 218.1) (* 440 Repeater No Tone) (Node Number 403758)

(Special Note: When 440 repeater down use reverse on radio to use Echolink.)

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Upcomming Events ----- Sept. 8, Nov. 10  VE Testing 11:30 AM---- First United Methodist Church, Corner of 3rd and Ewing----


(Jackson County Visitors Center 2nd Street and Broadway, Old Railroad Depot)

    Welcome.  My Name is Nick Klinger.  I am a amateur radio operator with a Amateur Extra license. I also am now a Registered VE with ARRL.  I live in Seymour, Indiana.  We are located about an hour North of Louisville, Ky and an hour South of Indianapolis, In.   I have been an amateur for about a two years.  I have enjoyed the contacts that I have made.  I have a basic setup of a FT-8800R Yaesu for a base with a ground plane at about 35 feet.  My coax is a 75' section of LMR400 with "N" connectors on it.  The Yaesu will give me 50 watts on VHF and 35 watts on UHF.  So far I have been able to make contacts about 75 to 100 miles away depending on the weather.  Also in line with my antenna is a Daiwa swr/power meter.  For 220 I am using a rare FT-311rm.  This is a true 220-225 radio.  It is connected to a copper j-pole and is used for local chats on the 220 repeater.    For the most part you will find me monitoring the local repeaters.

        Since I have a Amateur Extra License I also work hf.  I have again a simple setup.  My hf radio is a TS-440S by Kenwood.  This is an older hf  radio that works from 30khz to 50 MHz.  It gives me upper and lower sideband with cw, AM, FM.   The radio will put out better that 100 watts.  It is connected to a MFJ Deluxe Versa Tuner, MFJ-949E.  That is connected to twin lead wire to a long wire loop on the roof about 100 feet long.  I have not had this radio up recently due to a power connector.  I most often "surf"  hf to find some activity.  During the last field day I was able to make contacts to Washington state with only the 100 watts that I have on the radio.  I am very pleased with this setup.

     I am glade to say that my repeaters are both up and working.  It has been a love - hate relationship at times but now I am very glade that I did not give up.  This has been a learning experience and is most of the time always a work in progress.  I will not go into a lot of detail here.  If you want more information and  pictures go to the JOY Repeater links above. 

    The other thing that you will notice is that I am a Skywarn Certified Spotter and am a volunteer for the Jackson County Emergency Management Agency. I have recently taken a new position in the county as the new Coordinator and Liaison for the severe weather nets.  During time of severe weather I take a position of taking all information from around the county on weather conditions and send important information into the Nation Weather Service in Indianapolis.  To better make the decisions on what direction the spotters should go or look I have software that gives me up to the minute radar down to street level.  I also have a Davis weather station to have accurate readings of wind speed and direction in real time.  Both of these are important to keep the spotters safe during severe weather.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Skywarn group you can talk to me or any of the other members listed in the above link for more information. As far as the Emergency Management I have taken the position of the weather liaison which I stated above.  I still go out during times when Emergency Management is needed.   The director for Jackson County  is Duane Davis.  You will still see me out in my truck during some severe weather but most of the time it is for gathering data and images of the damage that occurred.  I will be putting more information on EMA and Skywarn in the future.  If you are interested in become a volunteer for EMA contact your local office.

        This site will of course always be updated as needed.  If you see anything that is not correct whether spelling or other factual information please e-mail me so I can check and change if needed.  Please enjoy the site and if anyone has any questions on ham radio please e-mail me. 

Thanks for visiting,

Nick Klinger, KC9JOY


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